Parts are easy to acquire and readily available with the largest supplier in Edmonton along with 3 others, and many others throughout Canada.

Price's are fair and very resonable, for example a Rebuilt Alternator: $275, Starter $225, Spark Plugs: $25/ea  , Distributor Cap: $50, Fuel Pump: Used $75 New $150, Transmission Rebuilt: $1000, Complete Rebuilt Engine: $2000, It costs more to repair a quad than an Iltis. This are simply estimates of prices, these do not reflect what some are charging 

Diesel Conversion: It was manufactured in Europe as a Diesel but unforuntaly Canada got the gas version. The 1.9TD AAZ and 1.9TDI has been successfully swapped in the Bombardier Iltis but the reduced rpm range will limit the max speed. it is a direct swap for the 1.7L 8v rabbit engine. check out

There are many good forums for info and advice, I recommend Yahoo Groups "Iltis", it has many good tips and tricks on how to modify your jeeps, VW Also if you look hard enough you will find the Iltis Operators/Maintanence & Repair Manual in PDF format.

NEW Videos! Some of my personal adventures with the Iltis

Snow Plowing with the Iltis

Iltis mud hill Climb Attempt

Iltis Dam Crossing

Iltis Decent

Iltis Hill Climb

Iltis Winter Driving

Iltis Jump 1

Iltis Jump 2

Unstucker Step 1 (get stuck)

Unstucker Step 2 (install)

Unstucker Step 3 (drive iltis out)

Unstucker Intro

Iltis Winter Driving 1

Youtube has some great videos of the Iltis performing in the open country, have a look.